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Meta Frequency storefront.

At Meta Frequency, we believe that every individual desires and deserves a happy and prosperous life. And we strive to make this possible with our experience and knowledge of metaphysical and divination tools that the Universe has provided us with. We bring you all the tools you will need to heal, attract, and embrace positivity, and repel negativity from your personality and life. Our offerings include healing crystals and stones, Healy frequency treatment, tarot readings, crystal jewelry, books, numerology readings, and much more.

We understand the growing trend for metaphysical exploration and tools. With over three decades of experience, our role is to ensure that you do not feel overwhelmed by all the information. From Energy Reading to choosing the right crystals, books, and other tools, we help you make the right decisions specific to your life, personality, goals, and needs. You are unique and it is crucial to make the right metaphysical connection with your choices.

Get to Know about Meta Frequency

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Clients SayReviews
  • I stopped into Meta Frequency and was so pleased with the beautiful energy that filled the store. The new owner, Lisa, greeted me immediately and guided me to what I was looking for. I love the new store layout, sage bundles, jewelry and crystals. The crystal chandelier adds to the ambiance. I will go back many times just to enjoy browsing even if I do not need anything.

    Lynle Hawkins - Struble
  • What a wonderful shop! My friend and I explored the shop. I found excellent books. My friend found several items she needed for her meditation ceremony. The staff is quite informative and kind. The shop is blessed daily. We will definitely be back!

    Courtney Caton
  • Beautiful little hidden gem! This store has a wide selection and a great vibe immediately when you walk in. They offer so many types of sage and oils! Perfect spot to grab a few cleansing items for yourself and your friends. The store owner is very pleasant and helpful. You will instantly feel better after a visit here.

    B Merritt